4 Resources To Help You Grow Your Online Startup🚀

Hi everyone!
I'm glad the very catchy title and emoji caught your attention! I'm here to showcase 4 tools that were immensely helpful in growing a few of my side-projects' traffic. Let's get right into it, shall we?

👉 UberSuggest
One of the few SEO tools that I fell in love with. Lets you view content ideas based on keywords, shows you keyword difficulty for ranking, and a lot of other cool things. Coupled with Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends, UberSuggest is a very powerful tool to boost your SEO game. You can read my LinkedIn article for a step by step guide on creating a good keyword plan.

👉 IndieHackers
I just love this community. Full of like-minded people who want to quit the rat race and focus on growing their startup. Here, you'll find advice on marketing, design, development, and basically anything you'll need to get off the ground. It's like Reddit but for 'Indie Hackers'.

👉 Hotjar
Very helpful in tracking people's actions on your website. Free plan allows for 100 recordings 📷 and is a great tool to help identify bugs on your website. Recordings don't show field entries so it's safe.

👉 Plausible Analytics
It's surprising to find that not all people enjoy using Google Analytics. Plausible Analytics is an alternative to GA with a cleaner and more straightforward UI. You pay according to your monthly traffic with 10k views starting at only $6 a month.

Bonus Resource

👉 Repixel
I discovered this cool little website a couple of days ago (somewhere on the interwebs, I think HackerNews? Not sure). It allows you to use other websites' pixel. Pretty simple and straightforward. I haven't tried it myself but I thought I'd mention it.

Let me know what type of resources you use for your online startup and if you enjoyed this, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter at https://techmunch.net/ where we send out weekly emails with resources similar to these!